Jack's animations blend his background in graphic design, theatre set design, painting and motion picture production. Brilliantly colored and packed with symbolism, the animated parables and stories are short (under 12 minutes) and play well in festivals, gallery and museum programs, and television alike.

The dandelion's life cycle

works its magic.

Winner, Golden Kahuna, 2010 Honolulu International Film Festival

Time:  05:00           All Ages

              $15           --------------------

Careless love in a heedless world

Time:  05:00         Ages 17 and over

$15            ---------------

Take flight with avian witnesses to human history.

Time:  04:45        All Ages

         $15       -----------------------

Love in the Garden of Eden.

Time:  06:00     Ages 16 and over

not currently available

He juggles life from the funny

to the sublime.

Time:  03:28        All Ages

$10                --------------

An American Tragedy revisited in this compelling mini feature.

Winner, Best Comment on an Issue of Our Time, AniMazing Spotlight International Film Festival

Time:  09:12        Ages 17 and over

$15                 --------------

 Standing armies too often win the day.

Time:  03:30        Ages 14 and over

$10           --------------

A government snitch is accused

of heresy.

(Currently In Development)

African American slave ancestry

is recalled by an L.A. poet.

02:00             Ages 14 and over

$10                ------------------

 Centuries of art contain a science of love.

Time:  09:30        Ages 16 and over

$15                --------------

They said one thing but thought another until the chatter stopped.

Time:  09:17                     All Ages


Anything you can imagine is real.

Time:  07:00                           All Ages

$10                                    --------------

Boot camp for germs.

Time:  11:00                           All Ages

$10                                    --------------

Yes, someone is always watching you.

Time:  06:00                      Ages 17 and over


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Time:  05:00                           Ages 16 and Over

$10                                    --------------

Food and war are cousins at an endless dinner…bon appetit!

Time:  06:00                           Ages 14 and Over

$10                                    --------------

Why do sharks attack us?

Time:  04:36                           All Ages